Initiating Environmental Awareness With Tree Service

by: Abigael Vivares

Trees come in different shapes and sizes based and depend on their habitat for survival. There are trees made to thrive in specific habitats whereas there are some that adapt to the environment wherever they are planted. In Atlanta, a tree service is commissioned to do the segregation of young plants according to their species to the locations these will be planted. The reason for this is to ensure that these trees will survive in their new habitats. There are instances that trees that have not adapted to their new environment grow into weak trees, susceptible to infestation of pests and can be easily broken or uprooted. To prevent this from happening, tree management is done regularly monitoring the health of these trees until such time they are considered as having successfully adapted to their habitat.

Atlanta took the initiative on environmental awareness with tree service by educating its residents on how to take care of their trees. It also involves tree conservation wherein trees are assessed before deciding on cutting them down for environmental and hazard reasons. Most of the time, trees are planted in public places and business areas as a way to alleviate the quality of air. The presence of trees ensures more oxygen for breathing as these use carbon dioxide for processing their food as well as sunlight. This is one of the reasons why more shade trees are planted in open areas than in restricted places.

Urban development is taking part of the environmental awareness in Atlanta with employing tree service providers to care for their trees. These urban developers have seen the potential of having different trees in residential areas since they promote an ecological balance between nature and community. In the concept of urban development, different varieties of trees serve for different purposes that are aimed to two core goals. These goals are to provide better quality of air and integrate balance with nature that relate to beautifying the surroundings with lush greens to inspire more people to get involved. With the idea of tree planting, community services can be an avenue for growing awareness as well as fostering camaraderie and education.

As someone used to say, nature can live without man to destroy and abuse the resources but man cannot live without nature. Atlanta tree service is not only about maintenance of trees through pruning and trimming. It also involves community services and environmental awareness through fostering the importance of trees to the society. It is a small leap that radiates a great deal of hope and positivity that we can do something to save nature in our own ways. It takes time to see the effort of campaigning for responsible tree management and awareness but in the end, the results are greater than the move. Most people understand the need to get involved in saving our trees but only a few are bold enough to make a stand and act on their beliefs. It is never too late to act now and become part of the growing advocate.