Tree Removal and Home Lawn Maintenance - Ignoring Trees,Trimming and Overhanging Limbs Can Be Costly

by: Daniel P Elliott

As the end of autumn arrives and the frigid temperatures of winter take hold, manicuring and prepping the lawn or irrigation system is usually the last thought on the minds of home owners. Oddly enough, however, this is the perfect time to examine the property and plan for the winter and spring. Other services which may be available are tree and limb removal, snow removal and even landscape design. Many irrigation and landscaping design companies may offer special pricing in order to drive business during the "off" season.

There are several steps to take in order to winterize the home and landscaping. Close attention to overhanging branches and dead or rotting trees should be removed. Every year the heavy snows and ice can place tremendous stress on trees and limbs causing them to fall without warning. The weight of the snow will easily exceed two hundred pounds and can cause trees and limbs to snap without warning.

Damaged roofing or downed power lines are the most common instances of these occurrences, but people are often injured as well. While most home owners may have a basic step ladder, it is not recommended for most home owners to attempt to remove tree limbs themselves. Larger branches or those limbs which are higher than 8 feet are best left to a professional and experience tree removal service. These landscaping professionals will have the proper safety equipment which many home owners do not own.

Another relatively monotonous chore is the removal of snow from the lawn and driveway. Snow throwers can make quick work of removing snow, but can be cumbersome to maneuver. An excellent alternative to injuring ones back is to contract with a local service provider to remove the snow as needed. It is important to keep the driveway clear and accessible for the possibility of any emergency response vehicle. Again, many irrigation or sprinkler service companies will offer additional services other than just irrigation.

Having a newly designed landscape can also be a wise project to undertake during the winter months. There are several benefits to the home owner when hiring an irrigation and landscape designer for the winter. Most home owners will not be competing for the landscaper's time thereby allowing the landscaper to devote as much attention as possible to the lawn and landscape project.

Many home owners will either be too preoccupied with work or the holidays gathering of friends and family, but neglecting some of the tasks above and more can be a very expensive mistake. It is important to consult with irrigation and landscaping company soon in order to get the desired results.