Willow Tree Collectables Are a Great Wedding Gift

by: Brad Allmendinger

The Willow Tree collection is a fine set of originally hand crafted figurines. They can be great gifts for a variety of occasions. One of the best times to give one as a present is for a couple's wedding. It can show the couple your approval of their marriage and your best wishes for their future together.

Maybe the best part is that the couple will keep the figurine on display for years to come, treasuring it as a cherished memory of their wedding day. There are several different pieces of the collection that will work well as a wedding gift.

The Together figurine shows a couple in a loving embrace. Like all Willow Trees, they do not have faces, but you can see their affection for each by their positions and non-verbal communication.

The Anniversary collectable was obviously designed originally as a piece for a couple celebrating their anniversary. However, there is no text on it. It is simply a statue of a loving couple. This one might not be as great for a wedding gift, but it certainly wouldn't be out of place. Don't discount it just because the name is Anniversary and not Marriage.

Unlike the Anniversary piece, the Promise figurine has a name that you know will match a wedding well. A wedding is a promise to your partner, and this Willow Tree collectable signifies this. The Promise features a couple in an affectionate dancing position, much like the couple will do at the wedding reception or when alone and their song plays on the radio.

You can't really go wrong with any of these three pieces as wedding gifts. Whichever one you choose, I'm sure the couple will be thrilled to own such a quality keepsake.