Willow Tree Collectibles

by: Becky Ferguson

Among fans of collectible figurines, Willow Tree Collectibles have become increasingly popular, although they have only been in existence a relatively short time. Each of these collectibles is the result of the effort of artist Susan Lordi, who individually hand sculpts the original of each piece. Particularly if you are interested in collecting angel figurines and angel inspired ones, you are likely to find something irresistible among Willow Tree's catalog. There are also inspirational creations relating to the nativity and the Christmas story in general.

Each piece is originally hard carved in clay by Ms. Lordi, and then her work is recreated for the marketplace by artisans in China. The figurines are cast in a special resin. Each individual piece is then hand-painted in accordance with standards determined by Ms. Lordi and her associates. This ensures that each piece that leaves the site meets with strict guidelines and truly expresses the original creative inspiration.

One thing that is a bit unusual about Willow Tree pieces is that they do not have faces carved into them. While some collectible figurines are well know for extremely detailed carving of facial features, Lordi's works feature a blank slate upon which one can project their own image that fits the piece. This allows the owner to make an even more personal connection with each lovingly designed figurine. This is true especially with pieces like the well known expectant mother figure.

Willow Tree Collectibles is not so much about making money as it is about making art. Willow Tree itself does not market its product to the public. The art is available through retailers, each of whom sets its own price for these beautiful creations. Thus, if you are interested in acquiring a piece or a collection pieces, you can do so most economically by shopping around. Fortunately, there are a number of sources online from which to choose.

Each item of Willow Tree Collectibles has a limited production run. Of course, this results in items becoming scarce and hard to obtain over time. If you are new to these works of art and identify a piece that is no longer made that you want, you are left to the secondary market. However, there is a thriving collector's community to be found on the internet. Whether you look through individual sellers' sites or rely on an auction site, you can frequently locate discontinued items to complete your collection or meet your desires.